World Fair Trade Organization

In the links Tab there is a website for the World Fair Trade Organization and their annual World Fair Trade Day.  There are celebrities backing the movement, such as Paul McCartney and Annie Lennox, as well as video clips and music from the 70 different countries involved.  May 9th is the date… What can you do to contribute??  Visit the site to find out…

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  1. Paul Roberts said,

    November 13, 2009 at 11:40 pm

    This is great! I have been researching the effects of Cheap Labor and Child Labor in buisness and I found a couple of interesting links-

    Paul Roberts

  2. Paul Roberts said,

    December 6, 2009 at 9:44 pm

    I’ve being researching vending machines that promote healthy food and Fair trade in other countries.
    Fair Trade Vending is a U.K.-based international Fair trade movement. Their goal is to make sure that producers in the poor countries get a fair price for their goods, and can cover both production costs and provide a sustainable living wage. The farmers and their communities also use funds to foster community projects – They offer an interesting alternative in that the producer offers to sells directly to consumer, which ensures a fairer wealth distribution for the small farmer in their struggle to compete with big business.
    They have a number of very cool vending machines that are 100% fair trade and include – cola, coffee, tea, and restaurant- quality snacks. They have contracts with business, government, and schools! It looks like they don’t a U.S subsidiary, as of yet. Here’s hoping…
    RefreshU is U.K.-based vending machine company that provides some products that are fair trade and ethically sourced. They are also involved with the brighter tomorrow scheme which differs from fair trade, in that the farmers who have quality co-ops are selected, and they are coached on how to get a better price and improve sustainability for their crop. The Mars Corporation is also a co-sponsor which made me question their alliances and intent. They are involved with a similar project in the rainforest called the Rainforest Alliance. They seem to be moving toward more fair trade products and also have contracts with schools, businesses, and organizations that include healthy snacks and drinks.
    Revive is a U.K. based food and beverage vending company that provides products which include ethical sourced tea, coffee, soft drinks, and food that support Fair Trade practices. I don’t think that all of their products are Fair Trade, but it seems that they are heading that way. They are committed to increasing Fair Trade practices and have contracts with schools and organizations for vending machines that carry healthy foods.

  3. Paul Roberts said,

    December 6, 2009 at 9:46 pm

    The Revive website also had a link to an Irish vending company – Try vending. I was surprised to find that Ireland has improved on the dietary aspects and sourcing aspects of their food. I was quite proud of that, as it has a very high rate of heart disease and more recently – child obesity. They are installing food and beverage vending machines that support healthy eating in schools. They also sponsor the brighter tomorrow scheme which helps small coffee farmers in Kenya and Malawi get a better price for their produce, although Mars Drinks is another co-sponsor of this Scheme which made me question their fair trade ambitions.

  4. Paul Roberts said,

    December 7, 2009 at 1:22 am

    Global Exchange also organizes Fair Trade reality tours “all over the world, to give students and concerned citizens a chance to see the fair trade practices in operation. Reality Tours offer participants an in-depth look at the reality of a destination country through interactive observation of the host society. Depending on a particular trip’s theme, participants might learn about one or several of the following subjects: the country’s history, politics, economy, religion, government, health care, agriculture, education, and environment, all while participating in exciting cultural activities. We also arrange and sponsor delegations focused on women’s, veteran’s, professional, youth, and other interest groups’ issues, or focused on a particular event such as election activities, international conferences, and festivals.
    Through both formal and informal interactions, our participants come away with an enriched understanding of the hopes, struggles, and accomplishments of the people with whom we meet. Our diverse programs often include meetings and visits with community organizations, government officials, journalists, scientists, university professors, doctors, writers, artists, musicians, dancers, environmentalists, and representatives from religious and human rights groups. Each delegation has the unique opportunity to travel to various cities, towns, and villages to speak with local individuals involved in contemporary sociopolitical issues such as sustainable development, gender discrimination, armed violence and conflict resolution, human rights, and the impacts of economic globalization.”

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